Top Nightclubs

If what you really want is to get the full Barcelona experience you definitely can’t miss our Top nightclubs list featuring some of the best clubs in the city! Don’t forget club’s opening times are different than in the rest of Europe, opening at midnight and closing at five and even 6 in the morning. Have fun!


Address: C/ Almogàvers, 122   08018 – Barcelona                                                       Phone: (+34) 93 320 82 00

One of the most popular clubs in the city is Razzmatazz. Situated in the heart of Poble Nou, an old industrial area, this reformed warehouse has five different rooms hosting five different types of music. From indie and rock downstairs to electro and even techno, the club can pride itself in having a great programme with world renowned Djs such as Miss Kittin or Dave Clarke. Furthermore, the building also has two terraces where it is possible to smoke and chill on a summer night, away from the noise of the club. Razz is open Fridays, Saturdays and during local holidays with a ticket price of 15€ with two drinks included. For more information visit their website.


Address: C/Nou de la Rambla, 113  08004 – Barcelona                                               Phone: (+34) 93 441 40 01

Forrmer theatre Sala Apolo is known for having a really busy program of amazing parties of all styles. The club is divided into two rooms: Apolo upstairs and a smaller room downstairs, La [2]. Between them they host some of the best nights starting with Nasty Mondays and it’s pop-rock music followed by indie-electro on Crappy Tuesdays. La Boombox on Thursdays, is probably the most popular night of the week in Barcelona: a regular meeting point of indie lovers and vintage clothing fans, it has a great atmosphere that won’t disappoint you. Weekends focused on electronica with the internationally renowned Nitsa parties and amazing Djs that won’t let you stop dancing until 6am! For more information about the club you can check out their website here.



Address: C/Arc del Teatre, 3  08001 – Barcelona                                                         Phone: (+34) 93 301 49 94

Despite being one of the smallest clubs in Barcelona, its reputation has made Moog respected locally and internationally, being even more popular than the much bigger Razzmatazz or Apolo. It plays great underground techno music and has a friendly atmosphere which has made the club gain fans like worldwide known Dj Jeff Mills (resident of the club until 2005), who described Moog as the best club in Spain. Inside, it has been tastefully designed with a wooden bar and dancefloor downstairs, and a much smaller room upstairs with seats on one side to relax. The club opens its doors at 12am with a 7€ entrance fee; expect massive queues to get in! For more information visit their website here.

[Pictures credit: Razzmatazz via Yadig; Apolo via Cocoon and Surf Barcelona; Moog via La Boca]