Top Restaurants

Here you will find some of the best restaurants of Barcelona according to food quality, price, and customer service. Keep in mind lunch and dinner times are later than in the rest of Europe with restaurants normally opening from 1pm to 4pm and from 8pm until 11pm.


Adress: C/ Francesc Pujols, 3   08002-Barcelona                                                           Phone: (+34) 93 302 55 29

This small restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in Barcelona. Just off the Ramblas, one would think that because of its position it would be overpriced and the food would be mediocre, but no. This restaurant serves traditional Catalan food for a reasonable price, offering two courses and dessert lunch menus for only 12€. However, it’s not only the food that attracts customers. The restaurant is decorated as if it was an old traditional bar, with red velvet walls, paintings and old pictures giving the place a charming atmosphere. The service is more than great, really attentive and truly welcoming. For more information you can check out their website here.


Address: Placeta Montcada, 1-3   08003 – Barcelona                                                  Phone: (+34) 93 310 21 85

Situated in the area of la Ribera, this restaurant is specialized in traditional basque food and “pintxos” (similar to tapas). Even though there is a table area to sit down and even a private room – only available if you decide to go for a full meal – i strongly recommend that you go for the full “tapa-eating” experience and sit down at the bar. You will be amazed by how many different types of tapas come flying from the kitchen! Accompanied by a glass of cider or local beer there’s nothing else you are going to need. The desserts are also highly recommended, especially their “to die for” rice pudding. More information can be found here.


Important: Tapas are priced according to the type of toothpick they come with and, due to the constant flow of movement around the bar, waiters don’t keep a record of how many tapas each costumer has had. For this reason you will be asked to show the toothpicks to the waiter at the moment of paying.


Address: c/ Sitges, 11   08001 – Barcelona                                                                   Phone: (+34) 93 302 76 28

If you want to try traditional spanish “embutido” (cured meat) then this is the place to come to. The restaurant has a wide variety of traditional Spanish food and tapas where you can choose from Spanish ham, local cheeses or Spanish omelette – just to mention a few options. The interior is also great with two big sitting rooms traditionally decorated and the customer service is perfect, always with a smile regardless of how busy the restaurant is! Food is really well priced – very cheap for the high quality they serve – and despite this they don’t have a fixed price menu so you can easily eat for around 15€ per person. More information about the restaurant can be found here.

[Picture credit: La Taverneta via La Taverneta; Euskal Etxea via Faimouioui; El Drapaire via Salir]